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RumCask Presents: Top 3 Rum Releases 2017

A very happy 2018 to all of our RumCask family out there.

To kick off the year we have decided to collaborate with some of the most respected rum voices in the industry to find out their favourite releases of 2017. You will find links to their social media accounts and websites with their opinions. If you want to widen your horizon here is a fantastic group of people who between them have an incredibly diverse knowledge of rum.

Please click on the picture or logo below to find out their selection of the top 3 rum releases in 2017.


TheFatRumPirate – Wes Burgin

Wes runs a great website on rum. As he puts it ‘it is an unsophisticated review on the world of Rum’  We especially enjoyed his recent article on Top Ten Rums…So Far. Go and have a read for yourself.


The Cocktail Wonk – Matt Pietrek

Matt runs a fantastic website that is more than just rum and as he puts it ‘a unique take on spirits and craft cocktails.’ With a passion for most things drinks related and a massive list of professional highlights (which can be seen here) you’d be mad not to take a look at the great work he does.


Rum Shop Boy – Simon Johnson

Simon doesn’t work in the spirit’s industry and is not endorsed by anybody. He writes to help to elevate the category and in particular the pure rums. Simon has a large list of reviews on some independent bottlers which haven’t been tried elsewhere. We especially enjoyed his Paddington Bear’s First Sip review.


The Lone Caner  – Lance Surujbally

In his own words Lance is not a judge, bartender, promoter, evangelist, cocktail guru, distiller, producer or in any way commercially involved with the industry. He is a man who is fortunate enough to have travelled the world and loves reading and writing, especially about rum. Being amongst the first people to write about some of the most sought after rums such as Velier, Rum Nation and Compagnie des Indes, he is definitely somebody you need in your rum life!


Rum Ambassador – Ian Burrell

Ian Burrell – The Global Rum Ambassador, Edu-Tainer, TV Presenter, Speaker, Rum Consultant and Jamaican Blooded Man. Also the owner of the UK Rumfest. But what does he do? Well in his own words “I travel around the world spreading the gospel according to rum through seminars, mixology, bar training, tastings, judging competitions and drinking rum, so smile & enjoy, life’s too short”. If that isn’t a mantra you can get behind, I don’t know what is!


Rum Diaries Blog – Steven James

Steven’s blog on rum pulls no punches! As he puts it, ‘My aim, is to hopefully look at the Rums that I’ve tried in the past, am still trying and hope to try in the future.’ We especially enjoyed his informative Interview with Nikos Arvanitis. Make sure you check it out.


The Floating Rum Shack – Peter Holland

Peter is best described as a rum presenter, writer and consultant. Take a look at his Rum CV here to see the myriad of key rum events of which Peter has been part of. Make sure you check him out for all your rum needs be it information on the rum world, to maybe getting lucky enough to partake in one of his twitter tastings!


Ivar De Laat

Not being content with having a passion of his being seen as average by most people, Ivar wants to promote honest producers and their products to help to make any difference he can. He has a desire to gain rum knowledge from the true experts and then share that knowledge as far as he can. Ivar is really trying to push the rum category forward in Canada. Join his Facebook group to try to help him spread the good word!

Facebook – Rum Club Canada


Steve Leukanech

I believe a great way to describe Steve would be as a leading rum activist who is pushing for the rum category to have more transparency. Also Steve is organising a “Rum Geek Barbados Takeover 2018” trip. This is going to be in April and he has already arranged a huge amount of rum based activities. Current timeline includes a an informal chat with Richard Seale and Luca Gargano, Lunch tours at the Foursquare distillery, an event at St. Nicholas Abbey and plenty of meet-ups with some other rum enthusiasts who are making the journey as well. We believe this trip to Barbados is one not to be missed!

Facebook – Rum Geek Barbados Takeover 2018


Stefan Kerner

Stefan had his first rum involuntarily in 2006 during a visit to River Antoine Rum Distillery in Grenada. But it wasn’t until his trip to Jamaica in 2013 to Appleton Estate when he really forged a growing interest in the noble spirit. His rum journey has taken him to many rum festivals and distilleries throughout the world. Along the way rum became more than a spirit to Stefan and each of the bottles in his vast collection hide an emotional story and links to the great friends all created from rum.




RumCask Family

To round off, I guess it is only right to finish on our favourites of 2017. We tried to pick unique rums from the year but struggled to diversify from the lists chosen. We did our best!



As you can see overall, there is a huge variety of rum here. We think this goes to show that the rum world we are truly blessed with some stunning releases last year, and leaves us all excited for 2018!

A massive thank you to all of the rum voices who contributed. Please go and check out their respective websites and follow them as well over social media to be kept up on the rum world. They all have unique takes on the great spirit that is rum.

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