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Setting Sail With Rum

If I was to offer you Rum, what would you expect?

After an early discovery of Captain Morgan as a fresh faced 18 year old at University back in 2004, I have delved deeper and deeper into the endless varieties of rum that are available on the market. Contrary to popular belief, this market is global; ranging from Japan to the USA and almost every country in-between, even though almost 80% comes from the Caribbean.

Did you know Rum was the first branded spirit to have ever been

I enjoy the immense number of different type of rums that are available out there and as a result I have gathered a collection of over 100 different bottles. I have been to London’s RumFest for 6 years and last year I went to the Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival in St Maarten where I met other rum enthusiasts and a few connoisseurs.

RumCask is here as an attempt to help into understanding there is more to rum than meets the eye!


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