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RumCask Events

At the present time, the RumCask family are delighted to be able to offer a variety of events. Please see below for our selection:

Rum Masterclass

A Rum Masterclass is more of a classroom setting for those serious in learning more about the noble spirit. Our audience receives an introduction to rum (including a delicious rum based cocktail) from the origins of the name, to its long history, how it is created and much more. From here we move onto tasting a variety of unique rums each showcasing the diversity of the category. Our aim is to help the enthusiastic amateurs and those more acquainted with the spirit, to understand more about rum, and hopefully come away from the evening with a new found love.

Rum Tasting

A Rum Tasting is a more social gathering for those who may have more of a casual interest in rum. Those who wish to learn more can speak to the team as they taste the rum. It’s a more informal and interactive setting. Spend as little or as long as you like with the team, it’s up to you! Our aim here is to provide a fun and yet educational evening and hopefully leave our audience wanting to know more about rum, having hopefully found a few variants they enjoyed.

Cocktail Night

A Cocktail Night is a fun event where we can turn up and make cocktails for you and guests. We have a variety of different rum based cocktails in our arsenal, rest assured they will mainly use fresh ingredients and be prepared for you on the spot. These will always showcase the creativity of rum and how it can really bring life and essence to cocktails whatever your flavour profile maybe. Our recent requests have been Rum Punch, Mojito, Daiquiri (13 different flavours), painkillers, zombies and many more. Our aim is to provide a fun evening, and hopefully prove that rum is a spirit which is useful in all aspects of the alcohol world, be in sipping, with a basic mixer or in a cocktail.

As well as these events, we offer them in a variety of locations as well. Please see below for some examples:


Yes you read correctly. We will come to your home to provide any of our three events listed above. Invite your friends round for a Rum Masterclass at your home. Throwing a party? Why not have us round to make professional cocktails that your guests will all enjoy. The possibilities are endless.


If you own a bar or a pub and would like to run a rum based event, we are available to bring you some expertise. We also do menu consultations to help you with a potential rum list. Why not help with the launch of a new rum menu by having us do a fun tasting event. Showcasing the rum to your regulars and hopefully driving new business to your venue from local rum drinkers.


Sometimes team building events need a change. Why not contact us for something bespoke and unique to help bond your colleagues together. We can tailor the packages to your company as required and leave your team in high spirits after a unique and fun event.

Final Thoughts

We are an adaptable team here at RumCask. Most of our events are customisable. You can have as much or as little input into your events. If you have particular rum you would like included, or a particular cocktail we will do our best to accommodate you, please ask!

If you are interested in any of the events, please fill in the form below with as many details as possible and we will get back to you to discuss your event.

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