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Aged ‘12 Year Itch’ Cocktail & RumCask Giveaway – Update 2!

Happy National Rum Month to you all!

As you may or may not know, we at RumCask have decided to age a cocktail in celebration of National Rum Month that is August. We have chosen the ‘12 Year Itch’ Cocktail. To read our first and second posts on this process of cask aging the cocktail, and the giveaway details, click here and here.

Once again a HUGE thank you to the hundreds of people who have already entered our giveaway. We have reached our target of 1500 combined followers on both Instagram and Twitter and smashed through it! We are genuinely stunned with how well this giveaway has been received. I guess there are more rum/cocktails fans out there than we realised! The winner will be selected at random online at the end of the month and then once the cocktail is ready, we will send the prize to the winner. Please keep spreading the word of the competition, there is plenty of time to still enter.

Having spent three weeks in a barrel, it’s now its time for our first taste of the cocktail. The straw worth taken from the cocktail now showcases a bigger change than before. The cocktail flavours have blended together to become softer and smoother. They seem to have blended well and the flavours now compliment each other without being too powerful. I feel this doesn’t need a huge amount of time more in the barrel. A maximum of two weeks more I think otherwise I think it may turn over-aged.

From now onwards, I will taste the cocktail more frequently to be certain it doesn’t overage. It’s a harsh task, but somebody has to do it! Stay tuned for more updates and the winner will be announced soon. Good luck to you all!

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